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Party Host Helpers: Serving up Margs Nationwide!

Cinco de Mayo lands on a weekend this year! Can you believe our luck? That means you have no excuse but to hold a party for you and your friends, right? Sometimes hosting can feel overwhelming but with Party Host Helpers, it never is. So relax, while we make the drinks and serve up the food. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy! Speaking of enjoying, check out our tasty margarita and taco recipes below! We paired them to create a margarita/taco flight for your Cinco de Mayo party.  

Spicy Grapefruit Margarita:

Our recipe for the spicy grapefruit margarita is always a hit. This fabulous marg was created by Party Host Helper CEO, Renee Patrone, and has been enjoyed in homes across the nation. The sweet and smoky flavor makes it perfect to pair with the barbacoa tacos below.

Barbacoa Tacos:

These are smoky with a hint of dried chili peppers, yum! Although there is dried chili peppers, it is not a spicy dish, so don’t worry about pairing it with the spicy marg above. They complement each other quite nicely!

Party Host Helper Tip: Leave the cilantro on the side, some people very strongly dislike it!

Fresh Strawberry Frozen Margarita:

Bring out the blender because everyone loves a frozen margarita. Before you start to think about cleaning it, you can relax knowing that’s our job.

Lime Chicken Taco

It’s no secret that lime and strawberries go together as well as margaritas and salt. That’s why we paired the frozen strawberry margarita above with these tasty lime chicken tacos.  

Pineapple Margarita:

We paired this sweet and tasty margarita with the veggie tacos below to balance the tartness of the cabbage and tang of feta cheese. Also because you can’t go wrong with fresh pineapple in anything! It certainly is a unique and refreshing margarita.

Veggie Tacos:

Veggie tacos with creamy avocado sauce? Sign us up for TWO. We love the twist with feta cheese and crispy cabbage. Trust us, you won’t put it down until it’s gone.

With your fab home and great friends and our amazing staff, your Cinco de Mayo event with be an absolute success. We tossed in this fresh guac recipe because no Cinco de Mayo party is complete without it, right?  If you get the avocados, we’ll keep the bowl full!

When it comes to your event, Party Host Helpers has the party staff for hire to make any event, big or small a raging success. Let’s face it, Cinco de Mayo is a fun holiday and you should be able to enjoy it with friends, not in the kitchen setting up taco platters or blending frozen drinks. Give us a call today, we proudly have staff nationwide for your Cinco de Mayo party next month, or any other event you’re hosting!

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