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Fun Ideas for your Halloween Party


Fun Ideas for your Halloween Party


We love the idea of giving guests something to do that is hands-on at the party. It gives them more of an experience and a chance to bond if they are not all familiar with each other. So we’ve outlined some of our favorite ideas for DIY and games at your Halloween party.


Pumpkin Carving:

This is a classic idea that never gets old year after year! You can provide templates and allow guests to pick their pumpkin. It is fun to do with partners or even have it as a contest. Throwing a kids’ party? Do pumpkin painting instead to avoid the kiddos touching sharp objects. 


Red velvet cupcake decorating:

Black frosting and candy bats, anyone? Pre-make the cupcakes and bowls of icing in black, purple, orange, and white, and provide various sprinkles and candy. They are as fun to make as they are to eat! The bonus? It saves you time icing all those homemade cupcakes since guests can do it themselves.


Spooky Bowling


This is a great one for the kids! Dress up a few empty tin cans as Halloween characters and you’ve got a great knock ‘em down game. Plus it is a great way to reuse those soup cans!


Murder Mystery


If you’re having a more intimate Halloween Party, why not make it a murder mystery? You can grab kits online and provide personas in advance. Guests can dress up as their characters and solve clues as they solve the murder. Our staff can help you put it on so you don’t have to read any clues in advance and are able to play along!


Party Host Helpers:

How can you have the MOST fun at your party? By having someone else do the hard work for you. Forget replenishing the buffet or serving drinks. We have talented bartenders and experienced event staff who can handle everything for you. Not enjoying your own party? Now that’s spooky. 


Contact Party Host Helpers today and we can get you in touch with your local Regional Director who can match you with the best event staff for your party. We are nationwide and located in Virginia Beach, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Washington D.C., Boca Raton, Phoenix, Hudson Valley, Philly, South Jersey, and many more places.



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