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Throw a Wizard o Oz-themed Bash with Party Host Helpers!

The fall is always a busy time of year with Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthday parties and more to worry about! Let Party Host Helpers assist you this year, so you can stress less and enjoy the party! One of our Philadelphia Party Host Helpers, Callie, recently assisted with a Wizard of Oz-themed 1st birthday party for 30 guests at a home in the city. She took care of everything from the setup and clean up, to serving and decorating!

When arriving to the home for the party, Callie immediately jumped in and started setting everything up. She began by helping the host in the kitchen with the preparation of the food. They served Philly soft pretzels, chips, veggies, and baked ziti. Once the food was prepped and in the oven to cook, Callie then began setting up the drinks. She placed the water, juice and soda in ice buckets, and the wine on a table so she could serve to the guests.

Since the party was quickly approaching, Callie moved outside to set up all the food tables, decorations and games. The Wizard of Oz decorations were displayed throughout the house – there were green balloons and signage, and pumpkins! She also set up all the activities for the kids. There was pumpkin painting, pin the heart on the tin man, and apple bobbing! She made sure everything was set and ready before guests began to arrive.

Once the party began, Callie greeted everyone with a smile and offered to get them a drink. An hour into the party, Callie took care of displaying all the food on the outside table so everyone could serve themselves.

Throughout the party Callie made sure to pick up all the trash, and refresh the food and drinks as needed.

As the games were being played, Callie cleared the food table and set it with cupcakes, candy apples, and a cake. Once Happy Birthday was sung, and guests had finished the dessert, Callie began cleaning up all the trash and food, and breaking down all the decorations for the host.

“I’m big on Halloween and on birthdays, so with Ozzie’s birthday falling on October 18, it was the perfect storm. Because I usually overdo it, I never really get to enjoy parties that we’re hosting. But with Party Host Helpers, I was able to finally play with my kids, talk to my guests, and eat some food. When Callie arrived, I told her how I envisioned the set-up and she improvised beautifully with decorations and games. With two kids running amok and guests arriving soon, her help allowed me to actually get into my own costume in peace. When it was time to transition between lunch and dessert, Callie took care of everything. Cleanup after the party was so easy because Callie had already done the dishes and packed way the leftover food in my fridge. I highly recommend Party Host Helpers to anyone who loves to throw parties but never really gets to enjoy them.” – Blair C.

Prepping for any party or event is time-consuming, but one of our goals at Party Host Helpers is to eliminate the stress so you can enjoy your guests! Book a Party Host Helper to help with your next party this holiday season!

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