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Friends and Family Fall Arts & Crafts

Fall is always an exciting time, but with COVID-19 still looming around, families may need a little boost to get into the spirit of fall. Look no further because here are some of the best fall crafts to get you and your family ready for the season. They also serve as the perfect fall crafts to get your children away from their devices!

Q-Tip Fall Tree

A beautiful fall tree using a Q-tip? Sign me up! This craft will surely look good on your wall at home. Afterall, it is the perfect decoration for the fall season quickly approaching! All you need is a handful of Q-tips, we suggest using red, orange, yellow, and brown paint (but any colors can be used!) and the kids are all set to create their own unique tree. We recommend painting the trunk first, then go crazy with the Q-tip painting. Have fun!

Leaf People


This craft is especially useful if you are running low on arts and crafts products, or want to spend more time in nature. All you need to do is have your children go outside when the leaves start to change colors and help them find their favorite leaves. You can do this in your own backyard or on a nature walk. Pick up a few sticks and acorns, and they are reading to create their leaf people. Once the glue has dried the fun can begin!

Leaf Face

Yet another craft using materials around the house. Paint a paper plate the color of your choice, gather some colorful leaves, glue them on the plate, and add a face. Then, you are left with a fun and festive decoration.

Fall-Inspired Hand Print

This one is twist on the usual handprint and just as fun. This may require a bit more hands-on help from the parents (or our party staff) to ensure smooth sailing, but I guarantee it will be fun for all! Start by tracing the child’s hand on a separate sheet of paper. Next, cut it out and place it over the second sheet of paper. Then, for the fun part, have a sponge or a couple of brushes handy and get to painting! The final result will be a fall masterpiece.

Apple Stamps

Whether it is for a card for grandma and grandpa, or just some fun for the whole family, these apple stamps will fulfill your fall decoration needs! These easy to use stamps will bring some color and festiveness into your homes. All you need is a sheet of paper, an apple sliced in half, orange paint, some googly eyes, and a couple of pipe cleaners. Once the stamps have dried put them around the house as decoration or send them to friends and family to share the fall energy! This cute and light-hearted craft will put a smile on anyone’s face!

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