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Virtual Birthday Parties with Party Host Helpers

Dealing with Covid-19 is tough on everyone. Staying in your home all day with minimal social interaction can be really hard, and we at Party Host Helpers want to do everything we can to change that.

Our idea? Virtual parties - the safest kind of party possible! Virtual parties can be super fun with the right planning and the right kind of help from our party staff. Here is an example of a virtual party we threw recently, along with some other ideas to make your party amazing!

A couple of months ago, we were asked to throw a virtual Zoom 50th birthday party for a long time client’s husband. So how can you have thrown a virtual birthday party? Party Host Helpers have party staff for hire that helped plan out a list, run to the nearest stores such as Party City, Dollar Tree, and the liquor store, and put together party bags for everyone attending the zoom birthday party.

Then, they delivered them to each person’s doorstep, of course wearing masks and gloves and being as safe as possible. These bags included decorations to put up in each attendees room for the zoom call, mini bottles of vodka, and party hats. The clients loved it, and were so happy Party Host Helpers were able to accommodate and be able to still have a fun, but safe, birthday party. Virtual parties are the new craze, and we are here to help you fulfill your virtual party visions.

Here are some fun ideas for a virtual birthday party:

 Phone Games

Phone games are super fun and super easy to do. You can all download them and play together from your own homes, laughing and talking about them as you go. These are especially fun to start the zoom birthday party and to get people talking and having a good time from the beginning.

Photo roulette is a fun phone app where the phone accesses random pictures from everyone who is signed into the game’s camera roll. The game then starts and random photos come onto the screen that are a random mixture of everyone’s camera roll. Each player then has to guess whose picture it is. It is super funny and easy!

Evil Apples is an adult version of Apples to Apples. A card pops up on the screen and each player picks the card that works best and is the funniest answer. The judge then chooses the best answer anonymously. It is super easy and every player gets a turn to be the judge. The player who wins 7 times wins the whole game. 

Psych is another super fun phone game to play! Our favorite game on the Psych app is called “The Truth Comes out.” Every player types in their name and the app generates questions such as, “If ______ had their own TV show, what would it be about?” You can give really funny answers and include inside jokes that make the game that much funnier.

Virtual Movie Night

Netflix Parties are the new trend! Invite all of your friends or family to have a virtual movie night utilizing the Netflix Party Extension for a super fun birthday! The extension also comes with a chat space to talk about the movie. You could also pause the movie for all if someone has to go to the bathroom or get snacks. To really make it a true movie night, you could hire event staff from Party Host Helpers who could run out and create a movie night gift basket, and deliver it to everyone attending the virtual party’s homes. This gift basket could include popcorn, soda, your favorite candy, and anything else!

Virtual Mixology Class

A virtual mixology class is also a perfect idea for a virtual birthday party. The way this night could work is by having event helpers or bartenders for hire go around and deliver the appropriate ingredients to each attendees home. Then, over zoom or another video chatting site, the event bartender can show the guests how to mix and create the proper drinks. This is super fun and guests will definitely have a blast. 

 Virtual Potluck

For a virtual potluck, everyone picks a different guest to cook a meal for, with each meal being a total surprise. Each guest could deliver their own meals accordingly or the host could hire event staff to deliver the various meals to each person's home. Then, over a video chat, everyone can eat their meals together and discuss why they cooked what they did. This is a fun and tasty night.

These are just some of our ideas for a virtual birthday party. We wanted to show you that just because people are not in the same physical location, does not mean the party can not be fun! 

If you need any event staff, please reach out to Party Host Helpers and we will directly connect you with your Regional Director who can answer any questions you may have. We have staff in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York, Richmond, Austin, Charlotte, and many more cities nationwide.

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