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New York Party Host Helper Experience

Hello everyone! My name is Cameryn and I am a team member at  Party Host Helpers. I want to give you all a little glimpse of what it’s like for us as event planners and staff! This past weekend I helped out with a beautiful wedding in a small town outside of New York City called Congers, NY. I thought it was unique since it was held in the couple’s backyard. Of course, it followed social distancing and COVID-19 restrictions. We ensured that each of our Party Host Helpers wore masks and gloves throughout the entire event and remained at a distance from our customers.
We began by setting up the entire landscape of what the guests requested. The best part of this experience was meeting our client’s needs. This is something every one of us values at this company. Since we are in the fall season, this particular couple requested orange and white as their theme and color of choice. We used pumpkins and beautiful garland that had leaves and flowers throughout. At night, we lit candles at the centerpieces and this added to the beautiful scenery of strung lights we hung in the tent. The guests loved it. Oh, and did I mention the guests’ wedding favors? Everyone got a mini pumpkin to decorate and delicious caramel apples to take home!
Party Host Helpers General Helpers served delicious appetizers, food, and beverages to the wedding guests. Not to mention the amazing cake we sliced for everyone celebrating! My favorite items on the menu were the pumpkin apple shandy, the beautiful array of a fall-themed charcuterie buffet, and the pumpkin ravioli as a dinner selection. Throughout the night we had a bartender serving any of your favorite cocktails and drinks along with a bathroom attendant to make sure the bathrooms remained fresh and clean. After dinner, the guests began to dance to the DJ’s music as we cleaned up and took care of the rest.
This wedding was one of my favorite events that I’ve helped with so far. We as the helpers know how special your wedding day is and we want to do everything to make it as perfect as possible. Whether it’s at your own home or wherever your wedding location may be, Party Host Helpers can help you with anything you might be looking for even in special times like these. If you’re on the east coast or west coast, we have many different locations nationwide for your upcoming wedding or event. Contact us today at partyhosthelper.com or (844) 30-PARTY to celebrate your next big plans!

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