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Winter Apps and Cocktails You'll Love!

Winter is here and that means its time for corporate and social events for the holidays! We love hosting everything from cozy winter dinner parties to large company-wide events. One key to hosting a great event is serving food and drinks that will impress your guests. So read on for some easy yet delicious food and drinks to serve up at your holiday parties! 



Ginger beer and candied mint? It sounds like our kind of cocktail. This winter mule is seasonal yet refreshing. We can almost guarantee that your guests will ask for the recipe to make at home, so feel free to pass on the recipe card below. You can rent these trendy copper mugs at most local party rental stores and our bartenders can freshly muddle and serve each cocktail as guests order them.




This cheesy brie and cranberry pull-apart bread has our mouths watering. This seasonal and festive app is savory and a little sweet. It is such a hit with guests that no matter how much you make, you probably won’t have any leftovers!




These three ingredients cheesy pizza pretzels are a hit with both adults and kids so it is a winner for family holiday parties! We know you’re going to love it. Plus it is the easiest hot appetizer to make, so the kiddos can easily help with this one!