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Tips for Hosting Easter 2020!

Easter is coming early this year (April 12th), so the time to start planning is NOW! We know it is a huge task to plan Easter dinner for your family and friends so here are some easy and impressive ideas for you to try. 

Easter Mac and Cheese

We’re pretty sure the ideal side dish for Easter ham is mac & cheese. This one is guilt-free and oh-so-cheesy (without the dairy!). Take a Bite Out of Boca crafted this vegan and gluten-free mac and cheese that you’re going to have to try! Your guests who have dietary needs will love it. 

Marshmallow Peep Easter Martini

Hop on over to see the recipe for this. Has there ever been a cuter cocktail? This sweet martini is so tasty, you’ll want to see it all year long. Plus it puts those peeps to good use and adds spring colors!


When it comes to Easter decor, hand-decorated eggs are still the most popular. Arguably, they are the most fun as well!  These eggs have their own unique style and are made with all edible ingredients so you can display them then serve them! 
Here is a great recipe for you to try!

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