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Party Tips for Hosting Passover

Passover is coming up quickly and the time to start planning is now. We’re listing some of our favorite party hosting tips so you can host the best Passover yet! 

Add a fun new drink

We love a nice glass of red or white wine but sometimes, a new drink makes the holiday extra special. Try one of these fun and kosher cocktails and let us know your thoughts!

Fun and Games

Sometimes kids can get antsy during the Seder, so teaching them about the holiday is very important! Check out these games to help teach your little ones about the holiday. Our favorite is “Let My People Wobble.”

Incorporate New Tabletop Decor

We will happily dress up any table to give it a unique and festive flair! These ideas are fitting for Passover and so pretty that we are itching to try them out. 

Add New Recipes

We love classic family recipes during the holidays but we also love mixing it up with a few new ones and creating your own traditions. Try these waffle iron latkes, vegan risotto, or these fun Passover recipes from Party Host Helpers to impress your family!

Hire Party Host Helpers

Our staff is happy to make your Passover extra special by making the drinks, heating up the appetizers and entrees, helping with Seder, and serving dessert. Plus all your beautiful large platters can be hand washed and dried even before your guests leave. 

Contact us today to get in touch with your local Regional Director and have experienced staff at your next holiday or another party.

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