Renee Patrone
Renee Patrone

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The Ultimate Way to Chase Away Winter Blues

End of January can mean the winter blues for some people, but don’t worry, Party Host Helpers has the event staff, and professional tips to keep you smiling all winter long.

We’ve noticed a good portion of our clients have the pleasure of being “snowbirds,” meaning that in the cold winter months up North, they fly south and escape. No matter if you’ve traded snow for sand, or are sticking it out, we have some tips below so you can entertain anywhere.

By the way, did you know that Party Host Helpers is nationwide and that you can enjoy working with fabulous event staff across the country? We are open in Florida, Austin, Dallas, Virginia Beach, Richmond VA, Arizona, North Carolina, and California. This way you can continue to have your amazing parties no matter where you go.

Theme Ideas

Winter: When temperatures are below freezing outside, the party stays in! But that doesn’t have to mean in you can’t have some fun. Grab some girlfriends and have a PJ party and wine tasting at home.

Snowbirds: A Fun in the the Sun party might just be what you and your friends need after the chilly Fall weather. Think palm leaves, flamingos, and coconuts!

Drink Ideas:

Winter: Anything warm and served in a mug will be a huge hit at this event. Did somebody mention Hot Toddy’s

Snowbirds: After coming from a world of hot cocoa and tea, your guests are craving frozen margaritas and curly straws. Who isn’t, right? 

Menu items:

Winter: Let’s be honest, you should give your guests what they want, and they want delicious, hearty, snacks such as well put together charcutte boards, and hot pretzels with melted cheese. YUM!

SnowbirdsOur homemade bruschetta recipe is refreshing and are always a crowd pleaser. Check out how to make them here. 


Winter: Keep the decor simple and cozy. Light your cinnamon scented candles, get a fire going in the fireplace, and put out all the extra throw blankets and pillows.

Snowbirds: Some colorful plants and fun pink flamingos will give this event the flare it needs! The more pops of color, the better.


Winter: When you’re staying in and drinking cocktails, the next step is naturally karaoke! You can set it up with YouTube videos on your TV, simple as that. It will be a girls night to remember. While you’re dancing and singing with your friends, we’ll pour the wine.

Snowbirds: Crank up the speaker and put on some steel drums! It may be a bit early to bust out your bikinis just yet, but after being up north for the holidays, anywhere warmer feels like the carribean.


Both: No matter what you’re planning this winter, Party Host Helpers can help. We have the professional party help that will take care of serving the food, mixing the drinks, and clean up. So when your guests are having fun, you’re right there next to them! Contact us today.

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