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Spring has SPRUNG!

Spring has (almost) sprung! The groundhog did not see his shadow so spring is coming. Along with spring comes graduation parties, bridal and baby showers, Easter, Passover, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day and so much more.

We’ve compiled some of our best tips and ideas for your spring events below!

Bridal Showers

We love bridal showers because they’re a great way to have girl time, mimosas, and games while celebrating a special bride to be  in your life.

One thing we recommend is having your guests get involved while they walk in with a photo caption game. Take childhood photos of the couple and print them out with sheets for guests to create funny captions! You can also have a station for guests to sign in with marriage advice for the couple.

When it comes to games, it is a good idea to keep them fresh and new so guests will get involved. We recommend playing games at showers so that your guests can bond. One idea is the Newlywed game where you’d have the bride answer a list of questions for herself—and then say how she thinks her fiancé answered. What is her fiancé’s biggest pet peeve? What is her favorite thing to do on the weekend? Surprise her when you hit “play” on an audio or video recording to hear how her fiancé actually answered! 

When it comes to opening the gifts, make sure the bridesmaids are involved to keep things running efficiently. Have one bridesmaid hand the bride the gifts, another handing the wrapping paper, another writing down the gifts received and from who (for thank you cards), and others putting away opened gifts. 

Graduation Parties

When it comes to grad parties, the theme is vital. You can include the color scheme of the school, the year of graduation, and the guest of honor themselves with pictures. 

For decor, we love a school photo wall. This focuses on the guest of honors school portraits through the years and is sure to make everyone misty-eyed! Another great idea is balloons or tissue paper in the year your grad graduated.

You’re likely to have many teenaged guests for high-school grad parties so it is imperative to have enough food and food that is filling. Teenagers can eat! We love a slider bar with all the fixings (who doesn’t love grilling in the spring?) and pretzel trays with an array of dips are another classic that is sure to please.

St. Patrick’s Day

Our blog last week covered all the tips you need for St Patrick’s Day. From drinks, snacks, decor and more, we have some of the best tips out there.

Let’s be honest, one of the most popular things for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day are the drinks. However, drinking green beer is so last year. In our blog (link) we have some sweet and easy (three ingredients!) cocktails. Don’t worry, they are still green!


We recently wrote a blog that highlighted some fabulous and unique ideas for your event this Easter. Easter is such a fun holiday to experiment with fun decor ideas, get your creative juices flowing and check out our suggestions.


Our past blog gave some fab ideas for your Passover. Our favorite is the chocolate torte recipe that is delicious anytime of year, but fits all the criteria needed for food this holiday. 

Besides, the tasty flourless chocolate torte, we have some other fun ideas for Passover such as games for the kids and cute name cards for the table.

Hire Party Host Helpers

When you’re hosting at home, we highly recommended staying organized, planning in advance, and hiring Party Host Helpers so your event is successful. The best part? We take care of the dishes. 

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