Renee Patrone
Renee Patrone

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Tips from a Party Host Helper

Hosting a party can be time-consuming, and take you away from enjoying your guests! Why deal with all of that, when you can hire Party Host Helpers? One of our goals is to allow you to have fun by being one step ahead of what needs to be done. One of our Philly helpers, Joan, filled us in on how she has helped numerous hosts the last 2 years she has been on our team.

1. Be prepared


  • “I arrive a few minutes early and ask the host exactly what they need me to do throughout the duration of the party. I find out where everything is, like the garbage, replacement bags, and where to empty it. I then dive right in taking over as much as I can with set up, food prep and serving drinks.”

2. Anticipate


  • We asked Joan what else makes her a successful Party Host Helper and she said, “I am proactive in my approach always and anticipate what needs to be done so the host can enjoy their party.”

3. Clean up


  • Throughout the party Joan cleans up as she goes always clearing plates, cups and trash. She always does one last sweep at the end of the party before taking the trash out.


Now that your ready for you next party, don’t forget to book a Party Host Helper to serve your guests (and you!) so you can sit back and enjoy the great time you worked hard to make happen!

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