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The Best Bridal Shower Ideas from Party Host Helpers

Christmas to Valentine’s Day is the season of love and time of the year that most couples get engaged. Party Host Helpers is so excited for all the couples who took the next step in their relationships and are planning their weddings. Before the wedding comes the bridal shower and we have you covered for some of the best ideas out there.

These ideas make for a fun shower that is a breeze for you as the host and one the bride will remember forever!

Pick the Perfect Theme

We’ve said it before, Party Host Helpers are ALL about a good theme. When it comes to picking a bridal shower theme, pick one that highlights the bride’s tastes or interests. You can also base the theme off of the couple’s wedding colors or honeymoon destination. Having a theme is the best way to make menu planning easier as well. If the couple is jet setting off to Jamaica for the honeymoon, serve up Jerk Chicken and rice! 

Another fun theme is Breakfast at Tiffany's. This is perfect for the glitzy bride because you can add dashes of sparkles and bows everywhere. Serve up a square cake (with robin's egg icing) and of course, breakfast food!

Another unique one we absolutely love is the lemon theme. Celebrate the fact that the bride found her main squeeze and serve a signature cocktail with lemonade (such as lemonade mimosas!) In fact, Party Host Helpers CEO, Renee Patrone Rhinehart's bridal shower theme was lemons and guests absolutely loved it!

Make a Fun Signature Cocktail

It's no secret that a signature cocktail alleviates the line at the bar while adding a dash of personalization. We recommend the signature cocktail to be a spin on the bride’s favorite drink such as a blueberry Moscow mule. Bonus points if you give it a “punny” name related to the couple (or their pets!)

Have Unique Games

Games are a must for bridal showers because while bringing groups of friends and families together it provides those just meeting something to do and talk about. This list has some super exciting games that we are dying to try! We especially like the game “where were we?” or “who can make the best cocktail.”  Try them out!

Open Gifts in a New Way

Not everyone looks all eyes on them as they open gifts, and we understand! You can have guests bring unwrapped gifts to be put on display for all to “ooh” and “ahh” over. Another fun idea is to have each person at the party open a gift that they didn’t bring so you still have a formal gift opening but the pressure isn't all on the bride!

Hire Party Host Helpers

When it comes to hosting a shower you deserve to spend time with the guest of honor and enjoy the party you worked so hard to throw! Party Host Helpers has bartenders, servers, and event staff to make the day a breeze. Our staff are seasoned and know exactly how to make your shower perfect from setup to clean up and everything in between.

For more tips from the pros, check out our previous blogs all about hosting showers here and here and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all things party!

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