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Renee Patrone

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Party Server Helps Host Accommodate Unexpected Guests

Everyone loves Thanksgiving, but it can be a hectic, stressful day for a host! Last year one of our Chicago-based dinner servers for hire, Linda, helped save her host’s Thanksgiving Dinner.

The host, Susan, was having a small, intimate dinner with friends while her three children were out of town. When our helper, Linda, arrived at Susan’s home with her Party Host Helpers apron on, she jumped in and began setting the table for 8. She then assisted with preparing the first course in the kitchen. Susan had purchased prepared appetizers, mini quiches, prosciutto wrapped asparagus and pigs in a blanket, at her local grocery store. The only had to be heated them in oven.

While Linda and Susan were putting the finishing touches on the appetizers guests began to arrive. Linda greeted them, took their coats and offered drinks. While Susan was in the kitchen finishing up the turkey preparation, she found out more guests would be coming than originally expected. As it it turned out, her three children were coming home and bringing friends for dinner. This left Susan scrambling as she had to run out for more food.

While Susan was gone, Linda set to making sure the guests were happy. She finished heating up the appetizers and served them. She also kept everyone’s drinks fresh and set the table for the extra guests. (At Party Host Helpers we always recommend setting the table for a few extra guests – you never know who might show up!) Susan returned an hour later with the extra appetizers and side dishes. Linda graciously helped Susan prepare and heat them.

At 7 o’clock, dinner was served! Linda plated dinner and set the food buffet-style in the dining room, for guests to serve themselves. While the guests were enjoying the meal, Linda plated desserts and set up coffee in the kitchen. While the guest were enjoying desert and coffee, Linda cleaned up the buffet, washed dishes, emptied the trash and put away leftovers. She even packed leftovers up for guests to take home with them!

Another successful Party Host Helper story from Chicago!

Linda was a necessity this Thanksgiving! I could not have hosted this holiday without her. She saved the day by making sure everything was perfect. II was finally able to enjoy my guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen like in previous years. She had everything covered. I will absolutely be hiring Party Host Helpers for my next gathering.Susan

Thanksgiving Dinner Party Host, Chicago, IL


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