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Memorial Day Recipes from Party Host Helpers

Memorial Day is right around the corner, which means it is time for grilling and eating outside! We can’t wait until warm summer nights filled with fresh cocktails and grilled dinners. For some inspiration, Party Host Helpers gathered some of our favorite Memorial Day recipes for you to try out!

Memorial Day Food Recipes

Grilled Watermelon

Fire up the grill! This grilled watermelon is a healthy and sweet side dish or appetizer. Forgo the honey to make it vegan, or swap it for maple syrup! It is such a refreshing recipe.

Cheddar Bacon Corn

Has there ever been a better combo? We look forward to testing this one out and are confident it will be a crowd-pleaser. Click here for the Cheddar Bacon Corn recipe.

Bunless Burger Bites

These bunless burger bites are perfect for those who are gluten-free or low carb! Plus, they are delicious! Serve them as an appetizer or as sliders for the main meal. Watch our YouTube video to see CEO Renee Patrone Rhinehart show you exactly how to make them!

If you want another way to have a burger slider without the bun, try this tomato bun recipe!


Blackberry Spritzer Mocktail

Refreshing (and pretty!) this mocktail is perfect for summer and great without alcohol! 

Spiked Sweet Tea

Sitting on the porch with spiked sweet tea sounds like the perfect summer evening. This recipe is incredibly simple to make. If you want to mix it up, do half sweet tea and half lemonade or add mint. There are so many possibilities! 

Memorial Day Margaritas

These red, white, and blue frozen margaritas are just the thing to try for Memorial Day. Once you try it, you’ll be making it all summer long!


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For more Memorial Day party ideas, check out Renee on WFMZ!

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