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Kids Crafts They Can Learn From!

With COVID-19 restrictions, it's harder to set up playdates, get babysitters, and even send your kids to school. Regardless of whether your child’s school is reopening for the fall or not, Party Host Helpers and our party staff are here to help you keep your kids entertained with an assortment of fun and educational crafts and activities!

Creative Anatomy Lesson


This fun activity is perfect for younger children who are just learning to name and identify objects. All you need are some long pieces of paper and crayons or markers. Have your child lie down and trace around their body. Then have them name (and write, if they are able) the different names of body parts. Depending on the age and interest level of your kids, you can even take them on a more scientific path and have them label bones and body systems. Your kids can then color in their own body outline. The sheer amount of space means this project can take up several days and there are endless possibilities for creativity. Your kids can draw outfits on themselves or simply doodle and color. 

Host a Kids Trivia Night 

Stimulate brains and social skills with a fun kids trivia night. Using the popular educational tool @getkahoot, you can set up a trivia game that each kid can access from a computer, smart phone, or tablet. Design the questions for the age group and interest areas and set up small prizes to incentivize efforts and keep the kids focused. And if you feel like taking the event up a notch, you can even serve kid friendly snacks and drinks. Our event staff would be happy to help set up, clean up, serve, and even keep an eye on the kids.

Beach in a Bottle Experiment


This craft is easy to make, cool looking, and demonstrates a key scientific principle for your kids. Using just a jar, sand, water, blue food coloring, and vegetable oil you can demonstrate how density works. Start by filling the jar with sand and then water with a drop of blue food coloring. Follow with a layer of oil. If you are feeling extra crafty, add seashells, small bits of seaweed, or plastic beach figurines. Have you kids drop these objects in and notice how they sink or float at different levels. Close the jar and have your kid rotate the jar. They should notice how the layers stay relatively intact, demonstrating density. And now they have a beach in a bottle toy as well!

Treasure Hunt Around Town


Get your kids moving with a treasure hunt around your neighborhood, town, or local park. This activity admittedly takes more work on your part but as always, our home party helpers are here to help you set up! The first step is to disperse clues around your designated area. If you are working with a group, split kids up into teams and have them race each other to create some healthy competition. Finally, set up the “treasure” near your ending spot and have some snacks and water waiting for your kiddos.

5 Minute Ice Cream in a Bag 

Make your kids work for their ice cream with this fun, quick, and scientific recipe. Simply gather a gallon and quart ziploc bag, a cup of milk, a tablespoon of sugar, a half teaspoon of vanilla extract, a third cup of salt, and ice. Pour the milk, sugar, and vanilla extract into the smaller bag. Add the salt to the larger bag and fill ¾ full with ice. Then put the smaller bag inside the bigger and make sure the bags are fully closed. Shake the bags around for 5 minutes, or until your ice cream looks about ready. This process will show your kids a little chemistry as they see the process of salt and ice interacting and ice cream hardening. 
Whatever the next fall brings, hopefully, these fun and educational crafts will keep your kids entertained and their brains sharp. And of course, our event helpers and party staff are here to help you for any and all of your kid-friendly events. 

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