Renee Patrone
Renee Patrone

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How to Paint a Super Cute Pot!

These Painted Pots are simple to make, summery and super cute! You only need a few items and a few helping hands to make this fun craft! It’s a great activity to do with your friends or family, and looks great on any table!


What You’ll Need:

Terracotta planters (2 to 3 in various sizes)

Acrylic paint (various colors)

Sharpie oil-based paint markers

Foam Paint Brush

Clear Spray-on sealer

Succulents or flowers for the pots

Potting soil


The beauty of this craft is you can do whatever you want to your pots! We chose to make one look like a watermelon and the other a pineapple, but you can get super playful with yours!

To make a watermelon pot:

Paint the base of the pot a bright pink and the top part a green color. Let the paint fully dry. Spray with the clear seal, and let dry. Take one of your black sharpies and draw your seeds all around the pink base of the pot. Once everything has dried, add your potting soil and fill with plant of choice.

To make a pineapple pot:

Paint the entire pot a bright yellow, and let dry. Spray with the clear seal and let dry. Take a gold or dark yellow sharpie pen and draw small v’s all around the base of the pot. Fill your pot with your potting soil and plant. Make sure to use a big green plant, such has the cactus we chose to be the head of the pineapple!




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