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This Thanksgiving You'll be Grateful for Party Host Helpers!

This Thanksgiving, you’ll be grateful for the time you spend with loved ones as our Helpers take care of the food and drinks! After all, spending time with family members is ultimately the point of celebrating the holiday.  That’s why we revolutionized the art of entertaining with experienced, professional, and background checked event staff for any event big, or small. Why should you hire our friendly staff? Take a peek at the lists below and see the benefits of hiring our event staff!


10 things you won’t have to do if you hire Party Host Helpers this Thanksgiving:

1) Spend the whole time in the kitchen 2) Miss out on appetizers because you’re prepping the turkey
3) Wash the large platters that can’t fit into the dishwasher by hand 
4) Clean up trash
5) Refresh the drink table by opening wine as needed and bring out soda and beer from the fridge 
6) Remember when to put the carrots in the oven
7) Replenish the appetizers 
8) Light the candles  9) Fill the glasses with ice and water at the right time so the ice doesn’t melt

10) Make and serve coffee




10 things you will get to do if you hire Party Host Helpers this Thanksgiving:

1) Enjoy a glass of wine 2) Chat with friends and relatives while enjoying the wine as mentioned above

3) Sit down for once!

4) Have plenty of time to get ready

5) Go to bed early (since you won’t have to clean!)

6) Eat appetizers that are hot and fresh

7) Talk to all your guests

8) Enjoy a hot cup of coffee that you didn’t have to make

9) Know everything is taken care of by Party Host Helpers

10) Relax and enjoy the holiday!


We know that when you’re enjoying time off and catching up with family, you don’t want to spend that time running around taking care of refreshing the food and drink station when you should be spending time with family! That’s where we come in. 


Party Host Helpers have party staff for hire in your city. We are nationwide and in Philadelphia, Hudson Valley, Houston, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Boca Raton, Austin, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Phoenix, and many more places. 


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