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Hosting a Shower Soon?

Spring is coming up and we can not wait for all the fun events it has to offer. Last week, we talked about St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Passover, and the other times that this season will bring. In addition to those holidays, it is also the season for showers (and we don’t just mean rain). This week we focusing on how to make your bridal showers and baby showers successful and enjoyable for all!

Bridal Shower:

With the holidays under our belts, some of the lucky ladies and men out there have gotten what is arguably the best gift of all: an engagement ring! When your friend, sister, or daughter gets engaged it is one of the happiest times of their lives. It can also mean you have a lot on your plate with all the planning that comes with it.

That is why we’ve outlined some tips for planning your loved one’s bridal shower below and, as always, are happy to be there the day of to ensure your event goes smoothly and that you can actually enjoy and spend time with guests.

Guest book:

Having a guest book for guests to sign when they arrive is a fun way to remember a special day in the wedding planning process. You aren’t limited to your typical book! Guests can write on jenga tiles so when the bride and groom bust it out at family game night, they can read sweet words from family members. 


We love a good theme and there’s so many to choose from! For bridal showers you can keep it simple and make the theme the wedding day colors, or put a spin on an activity the bride loves. Ideas for this are travel/adventure, fairytale, and movies for the movie buff in your life. For the movie theme, we are a bit obsessed with having popcorn favors that say “He popped the question!” on the bag.

Baby Showers: 

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!

So maybe you’ve planned a bridal shower a year or two ago and now your friend or daughter has more big news! You’ve got to hop on pinterest and call Party Host Helpers in order to make that baby shower perfect.


The options are endless for baby shower food items! To keep things easy for you, we recommend creating a menu theme. This will not only allow your menu planning to be simple, but makes it easy for when guests asks what dish they can bring. Food theme ideas include brunch, minis (all mini food to welcome the new mini family member) italian, mexican, and whatever else the mom to be enjoys. Bonus points if you serve something she’s been craving!


Balloons are a fabulous go-to items as they are inexpensive and can fill up a space with splashes of color. Take a unique spin on this with balloons that spell the word “oh baby.” Another fun decor idea is 

Gender Reveal:

Gender reveals have become increasingly popular the last few years. While some maybe chose to do it at a separate event, it is such a great idea to include in the baby shower. There are many interesting ways to do this such as getting a bakery to bake a cake with a pink or blue inside. That way, when the happy couple cuts into the cake, the color indicates what gender their baby will be (not to mention- yum!) You can also do a similar idea but with a confetti cannon which is sure to make awesome pictures.

No matter what you’re planning this spring, we highly recommended staying organized, planning in advance, and hiring Party Host Helpers so your event is successful. The best part? We take care of the dishes.

Party Host Helpers has party staff for hire in your city. We have talented bartenders, experienced servers, and many party staff who are happy to help at your event, big or small.  We are nationwide and in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Hudson Valley, Austin, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Phoenix, and many more places.

Contact us today for a quote!

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