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Give the gift of Party Host Helpers!

    The Grinch had the right idea (once his heart grew that is) that Christmas can’t be wrapped up in boxes and bows. It is about spending time with loved ones. Which is why Party Host Helpers is giving you 15 reasons why you should give the gift of Party Host Helpers this Christmas:

1) No wrapping paper to clean up
2) More time with loved ones.
3) Less time in the kitchen.
4) Zero time cleaning!
5) Hosts can be served drinks rather than serve them.
6) We can ensure appetizers are set up prior to guest arrival.
7) Your gift of a Helper will be useful and appreciated by many.
8) Those large platters that aren’t dishwasher safe? We can hand wash them!
9) Party Host Helpers can arrive in time to prep food.
10) Our staff can replenish appetizers while the host enjoys the party.
11) We can arrive early enough to help set up last minute decor.
12) Our staff is background checked so you’ll have no worries letting us into your home.
13) Your family will have cherished holiday memories together for years to come.
14) There is someone to take the family Christmas photo!
15) By giving the gift of Party Host Helpers, you will make Santa jealous!

Still, need more reasons why hiring a Helper for the holidays is a great gift? Check out our reviews here!

No matter where you are across the country, we have staff that can make your next event a success. We are located in Austin, Charlotte, San Diego, Denver, Connecticut, Philly, Richmond, D.C.  Houston, Virginia Beach, Portland, and so many more cities. Our staff is trained for all types of events and we are glad to help! To hire Party Host Helpers for your holiday party or upcoming event, click here.

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