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Best Birthday Tips from Party Host Helpers

We asked our hosts from around the country to give us their number one birthday party tips and we’re sharing them with you. Check them out below!

For adult birthday parties, we always have a signature drink inspired by the guest of honor’s favorite cocktail. You can give it a cute name too!

- Liz, Philadelphia

If you plan on giving a toast, make sure guests have champagne or something to cheers with. For my husband’s 50th, we had the Helper’s pour champagne and hand it out before the toast so no one was empty-handed.

           - Jenni, Boston

I’ve found the best favors to hand out are ones people can eat or drink. You can great beautiful hand-painted cookies that go with the theme or this time of year a hot chocolate jar is always adorable!

- Mandy, South Florida

Put both a number and email on the invite, it gives people the option to pick which way to contact you is the easiest for them. But make sure to triple check the RSVP information before going to print!

            - Emma, Chicago

Make a timeline, even if it’s for a small event. This way your Helpers will know when to put the food in the oven and when to put the candles on the cake so you can be hands-off

            - Monica, Denver

Use online resources to check how much food and alcohol you will need before heading to the store. There are formulas for this based on the number of people you have. It can reduce food waste and save your budget.

            - Alex, Richmond

If you’re opening presents at the party (especially for children’s birthdays) be prepped with trash bags to clean up as you go and a piece of paper to write who gave what so you can write thank you notes easily.

- Erica, Houston

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