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Renee Patrone

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Benefits of Hiring Event Staff with Party Host Helpers!

At Party Host Helpers, we know you have events to celebrate and spend time with loved ones. That’s why we revolutionized the art of entertaining with experienced, professional, and background checked event staff for any event big, or small. Why should you hire our friendly staff? Take a peek of the timeline below of one woman’s dinner party without Party Host Helpers and with one and see for yourself.





Start getting ready, guests arrive in one hour!

Start getting ready, guests arrive in one hour!


Start curling your hair

Doorbell rings, the Helpers from Party Host Helpers (Julie and Danielle) are here and fifteen minutes early! Thank goodness, you have time to give them a tour of the kitchen and the house and then you can finish curling your hair.


Drat, time to put the apps in the oven, pause curling your hair to do so. Run upstairs to finishing getting ready

Finish curling your hair while Julie puts the apps in the oven and Danielle sets up the bar.


The oven alarm goes off, the apps are ready! You hustle downstairs to get them out before they burn. You realize guests will be here any minute so you ditch the curler and toss your hair in a ponytail and apply a quick coat of lip gloss.

Your hair looks flawless so you spend a few extra minutes on your makeup.


Ding-dong! The first guest arrives. You greet them then go to the kitchen to plate the apps.

Ding-dong! The first guest arrives, she compliments you on your fab look and you catch up while Julie passes you both a hot app.


More of the guests trickle in, you smile at your new neighbor from the kitchen and wave with your oven mitt as you put the main dish in to heat up.

The rest of the guests trickle in, your new neighbor has arrived as well. You wave to her and go over to chat. You bond over your favorite TV show and make a mental note to invite her and her husband over for the next episode. Out of the corner of your eye you see Julie placing the main dish in the oven to heat up.


Someone asks where the wine key is. Oops, you meant to put it out way earlier but were too distracted by your hair. You go into the kitchen to look.

You sit on the couch with some friends and you laugh about old memories while Danielle keeps everyone’s drinks full.


Finally found the wine key! You open the bottle and pass out wine, greeting the guests that you didn’t notice had come in.

You propose a toast with your friends that you were finally able to get together, you’ve been planning this for weeks!


You put ice in everyone’s glass for dinner and fill them up with water.

Julie puts ice in everyone’s glass for dinner and fills them up with water.


You abruptly end your conversation with your sister so you can take the rolls out of the oven before they burn.

You wipe the laugh tears from your eyes as your sister tells a story about that one time in high school.


Everyone is seated and starts to pass the rolls, you buried the burnt rolls at the bottom of the basket and pray no one notices

Julie serves you a hot roll and the butter she had placed at each setting melts on it instantly, yum!


You get up and take out the main dishes, everyone enjoys the meal.

Julie serves the main dishes and everyone enjoys the meal. The best part is no one has to get up for seconds, Julie is on it!


The time comes to clear the plates and get dessert out, you stack the plates in the sink and go to grab the dessert.

Julie clears the plates and you see Danielle is loading the dishwasher and handwashing the delicate serving trays.


You frantically ask your sister to come to the kitchen to help you plate dessert

While Danielle does the dishes, Julie serves dessert with fresh coffee with cream and sugar.


You finished plating dessert and get it on the table.

You sigh a happy sigh as you bite into a cookie


You run back into the kitchen to grab coffees.

You chat with your friend about the new store that opened up just down the street while Danielle refills your coffee.


You go back to the kitchen to put out some cream and sugar. You see the mound of dishes and cringe.

You stir cream and sugar into your fresh cup of coffee as you hear more details about your besties’ new job.


Everyone heads out and thanks you for having them over and for the tasty meal, you smile and say “I hope we can catch up more next time!”

Everyone heads out and thanks you for having them over and for the tasty meal. Your guests rave about how amazing the event was. They mention how nice it was to spend quality time with you.


You start throwing out the used cocktail napkins and pack up the leftovers.

The helpers show you where they put the leftovers and you thank Julie and Danielle for making your dinner party such a great success.


You wipe down the kitchen and take out the trash so the house doesn’t smell like tonight’s dinner tomorrow.

The kitchen is spotless so you pour yourself a glass of wine and relax on the couch. It was a great night!


Once the dishwasher is full you start to wash the dishes by hand. Plus you still have the delicate platters and wine glasses to do.


There’s still cleaning and putting away dishes but you’re exhausted so you go to bed. You’ll do it in the morning.

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