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5 Ways to Treat Your Mom on Mother’s Day

It’s no secret that being a mom is a tough and rewarding job. That is why Party Host Helpers has compiled a list of ideas to make your mom’s Mother’s Day extra special!


It is RARE that moms get to have a minute to relax and take care of themselves. Often they are chasing kids, at the office, running errands, or cleaning the house. It’s safe to say that it’s time they get a day off to just relax at home. We recommend giving your mom some cute yet comfy leggings or sweatpants as part of her gift this year to wear right when she opens them! 

Brunch at Home

This brings us to the next part of our special Mother’s Day plans, brunch at home. The key is having a nice brunch at home where your mom can relax and not have to stress about getting everyone dressed up or meeting a certain timeline. Imagine having her special day where she’s most comfortable and able to enjoy brunch and a drink or two.

Mimosa Bar

Speaking of drinks, what’s brunch without a little bubbly? Do it right with a mimosa bar and all the fixin’s! Offer a few juices to pick from including classic orange, cranberry, or mango to mix it up. Put out some options for fruit to put in glasses such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or blackberries. If young kids will be attending the brunch, you can put out a bottle of sparkling cider and let them participate in the fun too.

Hire Party Host Helpers

Some people get overwhelmed at the thought of having get togethers at home because the set up and clean up can feel daunting. Don’t worry! Party Host Helpers is here to rid you of those worries. Our servers and bartenders can set up, clean up, and keep your platters and drinks full. Leaving you, your mom, and the rest of the family to be free to enjoy the day together. After all, all your mom wants is to spend quality time with the family

Clean Up

Maybe it’s a stereotype but we’ve always been under the impression that moms loves a sparkling clean house. So for once, let mom sit while someone else does the dishes. Better yet, you should sit too. That’s what the party staff at Party Host Helpers is here for!

When it comes to spoiling your mom on Mother’s Day, she doesn’t need fancy gifts and over the top gestures. She just wants to spend quality time with you and the family. So give her the gift of time and let Party Host Helpers take care of a relaxing brunch at home. From serving up perfectly fluffy waffles to pouring just the right amount of orange juice in the mimosa, our servers and bartenders for hire can take care of it all. We have staff nationwide in Philadelphia, Richmond, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Arizona, Washington D.C, Virginia Beach, Austin, and a city near you. Give us a call or get a quote today, Mother’s Day is on May 12th!

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