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Tips and Tricks for the Best Virtual Birthday Party!

As we continue to adapt how we celebrate, we are also looking for interesting and fun ideas! Party Host Helpers has complied the best ideas for virtual birthday parties. Below are some ways to make these important moments feel like a regular birthday for all ages ranging from children to adults. 

Drive-By Celebration

Small intimate gatherings are allowed in most parts of the world, but for those friends and family members who cannot make the gatherings, a drive-by celebration is perfect. Send out birthday invitations for the drive-by and recommend that the people attending make signs and have some form of decoration to make the day that much more special for the birthday girl/boy. This drive-by celebration idea can also be used for teenagers and even adults!

Virtual Birthday To Do's

If you are apprehensive about having anyone other than immediate family at the party (understandable), a virtual party is a fun way to celebrate! This will require more planning than in-person birthday parties, but it will be just as fun. A theme for the birthday where all of the kids can show off their outfits will bring a splash of creativity into the mix. Some theme ideas can be Disney characters, favorite characters from a movie or show, favorite animals, etc. Once all of the children have shown off their outfits, it is the perfect time for arts and crafts. We recommend hand-made birthday cards and/or drawings for the birthday boy or girl. Lastly, include a make your own cupcake game! A simple recipe will do, and have the children decorate the cupcake(s) to their liking. Once the cupcakes are done, may the singing commence! The end result: a memorable virtual birthday.

Virtual Happy Hour Party

Here’s one for the adults: a virtual happy hour! Before the virtual celebration begins, be sure to either have packaged supplies for all of your virtual guests and drop them off ahead of time, or have each partygoer create their favorite drinks from the comfort of their homes. Get into the fall spirit with Hot Apple Cider Buttered Rum Cocktails, or opt for Papa's Pumpkin Pie Cocktail. Once all of the drinks are created, time for some party games! Some games that we highly recommended are Two Truths and a Lie, Charades, and of course, Never Have I Ever.

Virtual Party Ideas for Adults

Put a spin on your normal virtual gatherings by adding a playful roast session of the birthday guy or girl. After the roast, we also recommend having the guests say their favorite memory about the special person to lighten the mood a bit (especially if people had a little too much fun with the roasting, haha!). Next step is a “restaurant” birthday dinner, but at home! Have each guest cook up or order their favorite meal and dig in. Dinner is followed by the ceremonial singing of happy birthday and cake cutting. The perfect virtual birthday party!

For all of your party needs, Party Host Helpers would love to help! We have experience at parties both in-person and virtual and would love to make your celebration special. We are nationwide and have servers, bartenders, and general event staff for hire for any occasion big or small. Our party staff is experienced, and background checked and in a city near you.

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