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Thanksgiving Recipes and Tips for your Celebration this Year!

The countdown to Thanksgiving has begun now that November has arrived! If you’re hosting the holiday celebration this year, we’re sure preparations have begun including menu planning! Everyone has their favorite recipes and family traditions they like to re-create each year, but try something new with one of our Central PA and Chicago Regional Director’s favorite dishes and drinks! Whip up one of Annie’s favorite fall cocktails or mouth-watering recipes and enjoy!


Sweet Potato Casserole

This is one of my favorite dishes at Thanksgiving because it’s a sweet compliment to the turkey and stuffing! Everyone seems to enjoy this dish in my family. Here is the recipe.

Macaroni and Cheese

This may seem like an unconventional thing to serve on Thanksgiving, but if you have a lot of younger kids attend your dinner this is a great recipe to make! My nieces and nephews love this dish, as well as the adults! Here is the recipe. 

Crescent Rolls

What’s better than enjoying a few fluffy, buttery crescent rolls on Thanksgiving? Dip them in your cranberry sauce or gravy – that’s my favorite thing to do! Here’s the recipe.

Prosciutto & Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms

These make a great appetizer or addition to the side of your turkey! They’re delicious and simple to prepare, and add a different flavor to all of the other dishes you made! Here is the recipe.


Apple Cider Mimosa

These are delicious, fall-friendly and a great choice for your Champagne/Prosecco fans! Here is the recipe.

Thanksgiving Jungle Juice

This is easy to prepare ahead of time, which is always helpful on a busy day like Thanksgiving! Here is the recipe.

Cranberry Whiskey

This is one of my favorite holiday cocktails! It’s delicious and will definitely be a hit for your whiskey loving guests. Here is the recipe.


 If you’re hosting with friends or family, have everyone bring their favorite dish! It can be like a potluck kind of event – less stressful and everyone will be sure to enjoy the food!

 Extra Seating – Make sure you have enough seats (and more) for all your guests. Put extra chairs around for guests to grab when needed!

 Games – I always have a ton of kids running around on Thanksgiving, so I definitely recommend having a few games for them to play. It can be fun for the adults too! There are so many options like Thanksgiving Bingo, board games, hide-and-seek and more! Hire Party Host Helpers

– stress less and hire our professional party staff to take care of everything for you, so you can spend more time catching up with your friends and family! They can take care of the setup, cleanup, serving and more. Our bartenders and servers can take care of it all!

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