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Must-haves for an Amazing Party

 If you're planning a party or event, you are working tirelessly to make everything perfect. Party Host Helpers has compiled a list to make sure you have everything you need to host the perfect event.



Good selection of drinks

This includes alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. That doesn't mean you have to serve a full bar, however. Just that if you serve wine, offer at least one red and white. Or have two multiples, a dry and a sweet for both. Plus, having iced tea, soft drinks, or lemonade available if it’s an outside party and in a warmer month. Or, apple cider and coffee if it’s a fall or winter event. 



If you are serving alcohol, serving up food while you wait for the main course is the right thing to do so guests don't get too drunk, too quick. Plus, guests tend to arrive at parties hungry and hoping to get fed. Pinterest has a million ideas for easy and tasty appetizers. Check out for some great ones! 



Music not only adds to the vibe of the event but makes it so there are no silent pauses. It also means dancing! Which depending on the vibe of your event, can spice things up.


Party Favors

Party Favors are so much fun, and we think they are must-have for children's parties and weddings. Pick something edible (which ensures everyone can enjoy it) like a cookie decorated for the theme. Wedding favors also include donating to a non-profit that is important to the couple, instead of physical favors. 


A Theme 

We've said it before and it stands true, good parties need a good theme! A theme allows everything else to fall into place such as decor and menu items.



Make it extra festive by adding splashes of decor. Get unique shaped balloons or banners. Always put something celebratory (such as a balloon or colorful sign) outside of the home or venue your party is taking place so guests know they're in the right spot.


A Signature Drink

Signature cocktails help alleviate the line at the bar since bartenders can pre-batch them and guests have a "go-to" drink. Pick something that represents your theme or the guest(s) of honor. This doesn't have to be an alcoholic drink either, check out this blog for some tasty mocktails.



While serving up entrees is a given for most great parties, we're firm believers that dessert should be a staple too. Win extra points by serving up something fruity and something chocolatey to satisfy all different kinds of sweet parties.


Party Host Helpers

The most important thing to ensure your event is great! 


Hiring Party Host Helpers. We have experienced staff to set up, serve, bartend, work coat check, and anything else you may need for your next event. 


We are located nationwide and have staff in over 30 cities including Richmond, Philadelphia, Settle, Boston, Boca Raton, Houston, Phoenix, Chicago, and Washington D.C. Your local Regional Director will make sure you get the right number of staff and the best people for the job. Contact us today!



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