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Let us put the “Happy” in your Birthday Party!

When it comes to any party, Party Host Helpers has servers and bartenders that are experienced and amazing at what they do. So when it comes to planning your child’s birthday, we can take care of you day of so you can focus on the birthday boy or girl. Not only that, but today we’re giving you theme ideas that your kids will be obsessed with.

Unicorn Theme:

It’s no secret that unicorns are the in thing right now. Throwing a unicorn birthday will not only be a huge hit with the kiddos, but we guarantee it won’t be difficult to find decor to fit this theme.

Decorate with all the pastel colors and glitter you want. Frankly, any excuse to have a big glitter balloons like this one is reason enough to throw a party!

You can buy (or if you’re ambitious- make) this stunning cake. It is such a piece of art that you might not want to cut into it! 

Crayola Theme:

This theme is so fun and colorful, we want to use it for our own birthday party! The best part? The more bring colors you incorporate, the better your decor looks so you can go a little wild.

Entertainment ideas for this are obviously coloring, and you can get creative. Put brown paper over the the table and let the kids draw on it, or you can get items similar to the ones below and let the kids create their own party favor. 

Mermaids & Pirates:

Mermaids and Pirates is great if you want children to come dressed up (how fun!). Kids can arrive dressed as either a mermaid or pirate which only will make for a great photo opt, but are items most kids have in their dress up box.

Make it extra special by planning a treasure hunt that leads to a pinata. The kids will love it and it will keep them entertained.

For the Parents:

Throwing a children’s birthday party is also throwing one for the parents. They will be impressed by your adorable theme and the effort that went into every little detail. They will also want something to eat beside the typical kid food. We recommend having a few food and drink items that are just for the adults. You can keep it simple with a salad, veggies and drip, and other healthy food items to offset the pizza and cake that is likely being served. Also, no one will be upset if there’s a cooler of beer and a couple bottles of wine.

When it comes to the big day, Party Host Helpers has the party staff for hire to make any event, big or small a raging success. Let’s face it, when throwing a children’s birthday party, you are way too busy wrangling kids and entertaining guests to effectively do anything else. Plus, you should be able to enjoy this special day with your child. Give us a call today, we proudly have staff nationwide.

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