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Last Minute Christmas Hosting Tips


        Throw a successful Christmas party this year! Check out Party Host Helpers’ last-minute tips for success below. 


  • Empty the dishwashers beforehand so your Helpers have space to clean up as they go.

  • Put out some reindeer games for the kids!

  • Have a hot cocoa bar for the kids and including all the fixings’ such as candy canes, marshmallows, caramel, and more. Yum!

  • Have your Helper arrive early so you can show them around and they can set up. Plus you can have plenty of time to get ready.

  • Prep food in advance when possible. Cut cheese and veggies the night before.

  • Write down a timeline of when food needs to go into the oven and at what temperature to alleviate questions.

  • Set up a fun Christmas playlist with everyone’s favorites

  • Use candies in glass bowls to decorate (and then eat for dessert!)

  • Have your cold apps out when guests arrive so those drinking are not drinking on an empty stomach

  • Someone staying in the guest room? Use the shower rod as a spare closet for coats (but don’t turn on the water.)

  • Keep trash bags handy

  • Make a signature cocktail (or two!) to serve guests a festive treat.

  • Use gift tags and sharpies to label each person’s cup.

  • Put your recycling can indoors so guests can properly dispose of their beer bottles, wine glasses, and plastic cups.

  • Contact your Regional Director and have Party Host Helpers at your next event!


Party Host Helpers is a regional staffing company, located in many cities across the US. Our staff is talented bartenders, experienced servers, and general Helpers who can make any event perfect! Each city has a designated Regional Director who matches the right staff members to each event. Contact us today for more info and to book your helpers!



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