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Renee Patrone

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Host a Party with the help of Party Host Elephants

Are you hosting a party this fall? Don’t forget to add “Hire Party Host Helpers” to your party prep list! Our experienced party staff and bartenders can help make sure your party goes off without a hitch, so you can enjoy the party! One of our Chicago Party Host Helpers, Natosha, recently helped with the setup, cleanup and serving at a home engagement party of 55 guests, and gave us a recap of how she assisted her host throughout the night!

“I like being a Party Host Helper because I get to meet and work with different people, and help hosts enjoy their own party!”

“I arrived 15 minutes early to the home for the party, and immediately introduced myself to the host and newly engaged couple before getting to work! The host showed me around her home and where I would be able to get everything I need such as paper towels, trash bags, napkins, etc.”

“After the host showed me around, I began setting up the tables for the buffet dinner, sweets and the drinks! I added table linens, plates, silverware and napkins to the table as well. Once I finished setting up the table, I began cutting up limes and lemons for the signature cocktail of the night – Moscow Mules!”

“I then placed out the food. The menu included various sushi, herring and rye bread, hummus and pita, sandwiches, Greek salad, fresh fruit, fresh veggies with dip, cocktail shrimp, spanakopita, potatoes salad, donuts, and cookies. Yum!”

“Throughout the night I made sure the buffet table was replenished and took the liberty of refreshing the guest’s wine and beer, passing champagne, and making the Moscow Mules upon request. I also made sure to clear all the trash, dishes and glasses.”

“After a few hours, the party began to wind down. I finished clearing the dishes, took out the trash, washed and cleaned all the dishes in the kitchen. The dishes were all rented, so I made sure they were all packed back up in the delivery crates.”

“My favorite part of this event was working with the friendly hosts and getting to see a great view of the lake! I did my best to make the host and guests of honor feel like real guests at their own party.”

Party Host Helpers can help with any gathering or function you host this Fall! Hire our experienced and friendly servers, bartenders and party support staff for your next party!

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