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Renee Patrone

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Host a Back to School Movie Night!

Labor Day has passed, and all the kids are back at school! Whether your kids are new to the school or have been there for years, it’s always fun getting them together for a party to get reacquainted! Why not throw a movie night party? It is super simple to setup, and they will love picking out the movie to watch with their friends. Here are a few great tips to make sure your movie night will be talked about all year long!

Take it outside

September is the perfect month for any outdoor activities, so if the weather permits bring it outside! Setup a projector and screen, throw some blankets, chairs and pillows on the grass and enjoy!

Popcorn Table

Setup a table with different types of popcorn like butter & salt, caramel corn, and plain. Stick out a few bowls of candy like M&M’s, skittles, and chocolate covered pretzels. Get some fun popcorn boxes from the dollar store, and let the kids mix and match with the flavors!

Kid-friendly Cocktails

Whip up a signature drink for the kids to enjoy with their popcorn. Here is a great recipe for a blue party punch. Grab some cups with lids so there is less spilling from the dollar store, and set on the table with the popcorn for the kids to grab before the movie begins!

Party Snacks

It’s always a great idea to prep some snacks for when the kids get hungry for something other than popcorn. Throw some mini hotdogs in the oven, or make up some Texas Toast mini pizzas for the kids to enjoy after the movie! Delicious and super easy to prepare.

Party Favors

Since school has begun, send the kids home with a few fun items to use in class! Grab some pencils, notepads, and erasers from the dollar store, and put into popcorn bags or buckets with a movie ticket for the kids to take home at the end of the party!

Now that your ready for you next party, don’t forget to book a Party Host Helper to serve your guests (and you!) so you can sit back and enjoy the great time you worked hard to make happen!

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