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10 Tips for Making Wedding Planning Easier


Every newly engaged couple starts to panic with the overwhelming amount of planning that needs to get done before the wedding. With these tips and the help of Events by Renee, the planning process will be as easy as saying I do! These tips will cover the budget, photographer/videographer, venue, etc. 


Make it personal

Instead of having an ordinary wedding, try adding some of the bride and groom’s personalities into the wedding itself. Whether it be the first dance song, the décor, or the outfits, let the guests see who the newly weds truly are! 

Plan as a couple

With most couples, the bride is always the one to pick out the theme, the music, the flowers, etc. Let the groom play a part in planning some aspects of the wedding. Let him give his opinions to the menu, the budget, and location. After all, you will be working in a team for the rest of your lives, better get use to it now! 


Perfecting the menu

To begin thinking about the menu, think about what type of serving style suits best for the space of the reception. Also, consider serving food that corresponds to the type of season your wedding is in. For example, if the wedding is in the winter, try having steaks, soups, and maybe even a hot chocolate bar! Instead of a fancy cake, try making it more personal and have a favorite dessert of the bride and groom!


Picture perfect

The wedding day only happens once, and you want to make sure all the precious moments are caught, whether it be with pictures or videos. The pictures and videos that are taken will be cherished for eternity. Before you go and pick the first photographer you see, do some research and see who offers what you are looking for within your budget.  


Tight budget

Before spending money on anything, the couple should sit down with the help of an planner such as Events By Renee, and figure out their budget and estimate what they will need for what they are looking for. Once the budget is figured out, make sure to spend the money wisely and to not spend too much in one area. 


Ask for help

Every bride and groom insist they do not need any guidance on planning their own wedding, but in reality they desperately need advice. Let some family and friends who are married, give their advice. Even if you do not use their ideas or like their opinions, it is better to listen then to not. Even consider hiring a wedding planner such as Events By Renee to help you whether its small details or a problem the day of a wedding. Events by Renee is the sister company of Party Host Helpers and offers day of support for the couple that wants counsel on specific parts of their special day. 



Party Host Helpers have party staff for hire in your city for your wedding or special event. We are nationwide and in Philadelphia, Hudson Valley, Austin, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Phoenix, Charlotte, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington D.C., New York and many more cities! With these tips and the help of Events by Renee and Party Host Helpers, the couples’ wedding day will be so easy all they have to say is I do! 



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