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Renee Patrone

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Throw a Father’s Day BBQ with these great tips & recipes from our Denver Regional Director, Kathryn!

Father’s Day is coming up, and Party Host Helpers wants to help you show your dad some love this year! Since it’s finally warm out, why not host a backyard BBQ to celebrate? Fire up that grill and throw a party everyone will enjoy with these recipes and tips from our Denver Regional Director, Kathryn!


Grilled Corn Salad: I love preparing this for guests because it’s easy to put together, and can be a side dish for whatever grilled meat you choose or a great appetizer with some chips! Here is the recipe.

Grilled Flatbread: Get the whole family involved in making flatbread! They take a bit more time to prepare, but they are darn delicious! If you want to make a few different kinds with your favorite toppings, even better! Have these as a side or starter for the evening since they make great finger food when cut into slices. Here is a great recipe for the dough.

Lamb Chops: Since it’s a special occasion, skip the normal burger and fire up some grilled lamb chops! I love this easy, and delicious recipe. If you’re feeling adventurous, whip up this pistachio salsa verde to accompany the meaty meal. Here is a great recipe.

Peach Fennel Slaw: This will go great with any meat you grill up for Dad. It’s super delicious and adds a touch of sweet to the side of the meal. This is my go-to recipe.

Donut Ice Cream Sandwich: You need dessert on a day like Father’s Day, and these donut sandwiches make the perfect treat! You can be extra fancy, and make your own donuts, or save some time and buy from your favorite donut shop. Add your favorite flavor of ice cream (I love strawberry or chocolate) some melted chocolate and voila! Here is a great recipe.


Sin Cyn: If your dad is a Scotch fan, this is a great option to make – simple and to the point (Dad appreciated). Here is the recipe.

Summer Seasoned Old Fashioned: A seasonal twist on the classic old fashioned with thyme simple syrup and grapefruit juice! Here is a great recipe. 

Lynchburg Lemonade: Grab the Jack Daniels and mix up one of these summery and refreshing drinks – it will be a crowd-pleaser! Here is the recipe. 


Music: I think a great touch is to create a playlist of all your dad’s favorites! It will be a nice surprise and put your father in the mood to celebrate!

Dad Jokes: I think it’s always fun to celebrate your dad in a funny way. Grab some popsicle sticks and a mason jar, and write down all the funny “Dad” jokes you can think of that your father has made over the years on the popsicle sticks. Pass around the mason jar for everyone to grab one of the sticks and tell the joke they chose for the group!

Pictures: If you’re like my Dad, it’s hard to get him in pictures! If you can, find the best ones of your dad over the years, and frame them to use as décor! Everyone will love reminiscing or seeing your dad’s many looks throughout the years.

Hire Party Host Helpers! Let us take care of everything from the setup and cleanup to serving and mixing your Dad’s favorite cocktails! We can provide bartenders, servers and party staff for your special occasion, so you can sit back, and enjoy your time with Dad this year!

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